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Tele2 Cancels a Charge For Roaming in Georgia

The company Tele2 Kazakhstan expresses its support for Tbilisi residents affected by the devastating floods, as well as citizens of Kazakhstan, who live in Georgian capital. Because of this,  from 16 to 21 of June inclusive Incoming calls from Tele2 , on the territory of Georgia will be free.

“We express our condolences to the victims of Tbilisi Flood. And we want to support the Kazakh people, who are now there. Coming weeks, incoming calls for costumers of Tele2, residing in Georgia, will have free roaming service, as well as and their relatives and friends will be able to keep in touch with those who are in the disaster zone “- says Mindaugas Ubartas, Commercial Director Tele2 Kazakhstan.

Georgia is one of the most popular and fastest growing tourist destinations for Kazakhstan. On average, each year the country is visited by about 30 thousand of Kazakh tourists. The standard cost of incoming calls when roaming in Georgia is 45 tenge per minute.

Flooding occurred in Tbilisi on the night of June 14. As a result of the disaster killed 12 people and damaged dozens of houses, roads, infrastructure, telephone stations.

This will enable Kazakhstan people, in areas of natural disasters to stay connected all the time.