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Tea Kutateladze: World Bank Doesn’t Hold Environmental Impact Document

“The World Bank does not have the environmental impact document in the project,” Tea Kutateladze, one of the owner berry plant in Marneuli says. According to the Roads Department of the the World Bank, the motorway location was moved by 61 meters.

The farmers have already addressed the World Bank’s Washington Post with a letter from the Environmental Impact Assessment Plan that does not include the required detail of the project. According to Kutateladze, the World Bank’s response will be known within 2 weeks.

At the same time, female farmers are demanding metal wall and 8-layer windshield to be built that protects biodiversity.

Three farmers planted bio-farm in Marneuli region in 7 hectares of land in 2017.

“We have consulted with” Green Alternative “, we have checked the Department of Roads in this direction.

All projects whether it’s financed by the World Bank, or any, should have an Environmental Impact Assessment Plan. Consequently there is a violation, because construction of the road started without relevant document.

3-4 days ago we wrote a letter to the Washington office of the World Bank. Now we are waiting for the answer. The fact is that the World Bank has a violation, does not have an environmental assessment document. Our request is to bring its experts and evaluate their impact on the environment and the living conditions, “said the farmer Tea Kutateladze speaking to BMG.