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Tbilisi Zoo Will Welcome Giraffe Soon

Tbilisi new zoo will shelter a new giraffe, the Tbilisi Zoo director general Zurab Gurielidze told BM.GE.

“It is unclear yet when we will be able to see giraffe at Tbilisi Zoo, because its transportation is very difficult. Anyway, we have launched negotiations with various zoos in Europe, Zurab Gurielidze noted.

Mzia Sharashidze, head of PR service of Tbilisi Zoo, talked about transportation of new animals. We plan to bring ibexes, rhinoceros, lynxes, hyena dogs, Usuria Tigers and various birds, Sharashidze noted.

“At this stage, we plan to arrange the Caucasian exposition at Tbilisi New Zoo. Currently, wolves, bears, gazelles and deer have been transported to the new zoo. Later we will also convey ibexes, lynxesand wild birds there”, Mzia Sharashidze said.

More than 40 million USD will be spent on arranging the new zoo of Tbilisi.