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Tbilisi Zoo To Reopen in September

Exactly three months have passed since the deadly flood that destroyed the Tbilisi Zoo overnight on June 13. The animal park is preparing to fully reopen next month.

Tbilisi Zoo Administration confirmed today the animal park will reopen in September 2015.

Zoo officials said workers had spent months carrying out immense rehabilitation works to reopen the park for visitors. The destroyed lower area of the Zoo will remain off limits however clean-up efforts are coming to an end in the upper section of the park and this area will reopen and operate as normal.

One positive thing to emerge from the disaster is that once the Tbilisi Zoo reopens, it will be home to several new monkeys, who will be sent here from abroad. Other animals will also join the Tbilisi Zoo as soon as new, open-air cages are constructed on the Zoo’s territory.

Despite losing half their animals, Tbilisi Zoo was resilient in the face of the disaster. Animals that survived the flood included 16 carnivores, 98 reptiles, 469 fish, 129 ungulates, 7 primates and 144 birds.

Looking ahead, the Tbilisi Zoo will be relocated to a new location near the Tbilisi Sea. Zoo’s Deputy Director David Taktakishvili says the new area has been selected and a concept plan is currently being produced.