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Tea Festival

Tbilisi Tea Festival Opens this Sunday

Mtatsminda Park and Association Of Tea Producers of Georgia is organizing Tbilisi Tea Festival On 23rd of April, from 12:00 to 18:00.

In the frames of Festival visitors will be able to get to know tea cultures of various countries and cultures, have a degustation different kinds of teas and delicacies on the venue. Visitors will also be able to find detailed information about tea cultivation, tea ceremonies of different cultures.

In the frames of Festival:

– Representatives of different countries will present their country’s tea and its drinking culture and tradition
– Leading Georgian and foreign Tea companies will make free tea degustation and also sell their products on the venue
– Honey producers
– Georgian Tea cultivation and degustation corner will present national Georgian tea and its drinking tradition, benefits and etc.

Festive mood will be supported by:

– Concert- countries presenting their cultural dances, songs, performances and etc. each country representative will be given 30-40 min to present their countries cultural background by stage performances accompanied by their national music
– Jazz band and the closing ceremony