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Tbilisi Open Air 2018 – Three Days Lost in Wonderland

It’s been three long and colorful days and nights of Open Air music festival that got us sleep debt, but it was worth it.

This year’s Tbilisi Open Air was distinguished with its even more diversity, meeting almost any kind of music lovers’ requirements taking place at Lisi Wonderland featuring four stages: Main Stage, Eye Stage, Garden Stage and Singer Jazz Stage.

Not only music range was wide but also list activities for those who wanted to make most out of their times: Football fans didn’t have to choose between staying home or going to the festival in order to watch World Cup 2018; Some did shopping at Startup Market where you could get cool festival accessories and different kinds of products produced in Georgia; If listening to favorite band encouraged you to sing, ones could head to Karaoke place; Gamers would battle at game zone, while someone played badminton in the field.

Those who wanted to disconnect from daily life stayed at comfortable Eco Camp at colorful tents for never-ending adventure.

Walking in the Wonderland’s grass you could explore new things on every tour you’d take to relax, like a fireplace to hang out with friends or strangers like a tribe, throwing mini shows by yourself, then you might have run into a walking panda of WWF.

Not to miss the most important point: music, jazz vibes were all around created by talented local artists by Singer Jazz Stage, for chill afternoons and romantic nights.

While the artists set the fire at main stage, and not only once. It’s noteworthy, that it was the first time Georgian band to be a headliner for such festival – Kayakata brings thousands of fans to their concerts, their chill as well as energetic music made everyone lose themselves to dance.

Sevdaliza was one of the headliners too, Dutch-Iranian pop songwriter, whose experimental music music is inspired by ideas of womanhood, identity, and motherhood.

American singer Rachel Yamagata with soul-baring voice complemented perfectly by edgy guitar and horns, followed by Irish Roisin Murphy, former singer at Moloko who gradually made everyone dance peaking at famous hit –  ‘’Bring it Back’’.

On the last day, Konoba managed to strike the fragile balance between acoustic and electro, with the perfect mix of samples, instruments and vocals. The acoustic intro of ‘On our knees’ melts perfectly into electro bits.

And there was Brit award-winning Tom Odell with his energetic and lively performance, crowd was singing along  to his heartwarming songs and it was a quite good way to conclude 3-day music marathon.

Feeling charged, there were two more stages to join until the sunrise:

Eye Stage

Hosting prominent electronic music artists like: Roman Flugel, Autumn Tree, Alex Niggemann, Super Flu, etc. won’t letting people to feel tired.

Garden Stage

Probably the most popular decoration of the year. Psytrance stage exceeded expectation with its LED lights, people with phosphorus body arts, artists like Avalon, Yestermorrow… and energizing atmosphere.  

It sure music let us break free.

Tbilisi Open Air is an annual international music festival, with the emphasis on electronic and rock music, first held in Tbilisi, on May, 15–17 2009. After that, the festival is organized each year and is widely considered as the biggest music festival in Caucasus region. The festival mainly maintains several-day outdoor event format. As the organizers of Tbilisi Open Air clarify, the defining idea behind the festival is freedom. This is freedom from stress, clichés, social controls, freedom to create and express, freedom to experience what is valued by every single one of us as individuals.

By Nina Gomarteli

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