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Women's March

Tbilisi is Getting Ready For Women’s March

This Saturday Georgia holds a Sister March in Tbilisi in solidarity with the Women’s March Washington, set to be one of the largest protests ever held in the US.

The rhetoric of sexism and division during the US Presidential campaign has left many of us concerned.

In solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington and 370 Women’s Marches around the global, we gather as concerned citizens of the world and of Georgia to stand up for women’s rights and human rights for all on the first day of the new administration.

We are an informal nonpartisan grassroots gathering of people who believe in equality, diversity, inclusion and justice for everyone. We gather together to support women’s rights everywhere and to stand against the politics of fear, division, and misogyny.

“We invite everyone who shares these values to join us. We will raise our voices peacefully, honoring the champions of human rights and justice who have come before us, to proclaim: We will not go back, we will not be silent, we will continue until equality and dignity for all has been achieved,” event organizers said.

PROGRAM (will be in English and Georgian)
** 14:00: Gather in front of the Philharmonia/Tbilisi Concert Hall
** 14:30: Depart and walk to Old Parliament (on sidewalks)
** 15:00: Arrive @ Old Parlimanet for RALLY