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Tbilisi in Magnum Books- Presentation and Exhibition of Martin Parr’s Book Held

Thanks to cooperation between Tbilisi City Hall and TBC Bank, a presentation and Exhibition – “Tbilisi in Magnum Books” of a book titled “Martin Parr Tbilisi” authored by a famous British photographer, Mr. Martin Parr was held at TBC Gallery.

The exposition combines 35 photos of Tbilisi taken for 71 years by “Magnum” member photographers, which includes Mr. Robert Capa, Mr. Henri Cartier-Bresson, Mr. Carl De Keyzer, Mr. Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Mr. Jonas Bendiksen, Mr. Paolo Pellegrin, Mr. Thomas Dworzak, and Mr. Martin Parr.

Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi, Ms. Sopio Khuntsaria attended the exhibition and discussed the importance of the book while remembering its presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

“During Frankfurt Book fair, where Georgia was a guest of honour and exhibited its books under the slogan “Georgia – Made by Characters,” Tbilisi City Hall decided to tell the story of Tbilisi through photos taken by “Magnum” photographers. I believe it was a very interesting project. All photos that were taken since 1947 for 72 years were located in one space. Today, everyone has the opportunity to view these photos. Furthermore, it is important to see Tbilisi from the eyes of Martin Parr, which was published as a book. He is a social photographer and hence, his photography is not about depicting picturesque Tbilisi, but instead, it is about illustrating life in Tbilisi. All photographs are very detailed and I believe many foreigners will get to know Tbilisi from Martin Parr’s photos,” stated Sopio Khuntsaria.

The exhibition starts with photos that were taken by Robert Capa and John Steinbeck in 1947 during their trip to Tbilisi. This was the year the agency, Magnum Photos was founded. The exhibition ends with photos taken by Martin Parr in 2018.

Visitors were also able to view a video depicting the process of preparing the book in the “Magnum” office in Paris along with an interview with Martin Parr during his visit to Tbilisi.

One of the most successful photographers of the 1980s and a member of one of the most prestigious agencies – Magnum, Martin Parr was invited by Tbilisi City Hall to visit Georgia for the third time in June 2018.

The book was created according to photographs taken in Tbilisi and was published in Munich thanks to the cooperation with one of the famous German publishers – “Prestel Publishing.” The book also includes several photos of Tbilisi taken in 2009 by Martin Parr. The text of the book belongs to Aka Morchiladze.

Martin Parr has gained international recognition for depicting faces and social environment in an innovative way, as well as for his outstanding contribution to the culture of photography in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Due to his observing accuracies and varietal use of colors, Mr. Parr has been among the most successful photographers of the 1980s and has become one of the leading members of the “Magnum Photos” Agency.

Before his visit to Georgia, the book was presented in October 2018 during 70th Frankfurt Book Fair, where a special pavilion was dedicated for Georgia as a guest of honour.

The project was executed by Tbilisi City Hall with the support of TBC Bank. Partners of the project are: Georgian National Book Center, Georgian National Tourism Administration, and Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association.

The exhibition at TBC Gallery will continue until February 28, 2019.