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Garrett Johnston

Tbilisi Hosts Garrett Johnston Workshop – 360 Degree Marketing

Global customer and marketing strategy for the explosive growth of the Georgian business both on domestic markets and abroad. 

360˚ Customer Centricity – Customer-oriented service as the main strategic advantage of business in Georgia and beyond

 Tbilisi hosts Garrett Johnston’s workshop 360 Degree Marketing on Strategic Marketing on September 22.

Workshop Objectives – how and why increase the value of your business by means of delighted customers, and where to start right from next Monday

This workshop is for- Georgian entrepreneurs, investors and business owners, for top management of Georgian subsidiaries of international brands, as well as for those, who is in the company responsible for profitability, determines the development strategy and marketing strategy.

Duration: 1 Day, 9.5 Hours + breaks – from 09:00 to 18:30

Principles of 360˚ Customer Centricity strategy:

  • Comprehensive, final result for the client, not a semi-finished good
  • Monetization of the whole chain of В2В2С2С, and not just В2В or В2С
  • Working for the complex success of the client, not just satisfaction
  • Market size growth, not just market share
  • Win-Win-Win customer-employee-investors, not just investors

Workshop Program

09:00-10:30 Part 1. What is “Customer Centricity”, what is “Service” and why these are the most important factors of business success in 21st century – does not matter rather your business is in Tbilisi, Tokyo or Tanzania 

11:00-13:30 Part 2. What you do and what you want? Who is the client?

It takes place in the format of an interactive seminar with group games, up to 100 participants.

  1. What is 360° Customer Centricity and Client-orientation and why it is important.

–      Consumer Centricity strategy in the world and its business results

–      Western business mistakes concerning consumers

–      Georgian specifics (Specifics of Georgia) and possibilities right Today

–      Future of Consumer Centricity approach in digital era.

  1. In what business are you in – “Guns or Murders”?
  • What are we doing? Ambitious?
  • Focused on success, not just satisfaction – to become the best in the world.
  • What we do for client (Consumer)? Client of the client?
  • Focus on consumer and its results.
  1. Consumer.
  • Needs of our consumers? Segmentation not WHO, but WHY.
  • Why they buy from us? What are their goals and limits? Are they satisfied?
  • Multiple audience: client of my client of my client of my client (Client of my client’s client), suppliers, partners, etc. That is the whole ecosystem
  • Monetization of the entire chain on the principle of win-win
  1. Positioning: in which business are we GOING TO BE NOW?
  2. GOAL – what do we want from the business?
  3. Brand: the basic promise of a predictable result.

14:00-16:00 Part 3. How to come from the actual to the desired – tools

  1. Segmentation and positioning, priorities
  2. 6 P integrated approach:
  • Product
  • Price
  • People
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Partners
  1. Customer life cycle and conversion
  2. Opportunities and threats of new technologies
  3. Organization, necessary for achieving the goal
  • Organizational structure
  • Information Systems
  • Business Processes
  • KPI

In the last two modules, we look Who is the number 1 in the world, not in Georgia, in the business sectors developed in Georgia? Who is number 2 and number 3 in the world? Who else is small but fastest growing player in these industries? Who is the “subversive innovator” in this industry, for example, in the Silicon Valley?

Due to what they are so successful? What is their client model? Products, services, segments, channels, stocks OR PROMOTION, prices, stores, distributors, sellers, servicing, partners, processes, technologies and so on? Financial results and business model? Something else?

How does the business model and the client model of the developed industries in Georgia look like in comparison? How are we better or worth than the best on the planet? What needs to be changed?  Specifically what? How? By what? By whom? When? 

16:30-17:30 Part 4. Practical cases on Consumer Centricity – the best players on the planet and how they are better or worse than Georgian equivalents

What do these lessons mean to us?

Amazon (Online retail)

Best Buy (household electronics)

Waitrose (Grocery retail)

Liberty Global/Virgin Media (Mobile communication, TV) 

17:30 – 18:30 Part 5. Practical cases on Consumer Centricity – the best players on the planet in industries where practically are not Georgian equivalents, but we can find best practices of Consumer Centricity, which are so effective and revolutionary that they should be applied in any Georgian company.

Tesla (Electric vehicle)

Salesforce.com (CRM systems)

Garrett Martin Johnston was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. After 25 years of experience in the sciences and the arts of integrated and profitable segmentation, attracting, retaining, stimulating and admiring clients and clients of clients in 13 different countries and in many different industries, Garrett noted that the prevailing majority of investors, boards of directors and business owners, all over the world, from California to Kamchatka, they all have advantageous knowledge and skills in financial and technical approaches to business, but a huge lack of knowledge and skills about how to profitably delight the customer and client of the client, which costs big unearned money for business and unrealized moments of satisfaction and happiness for customers. Therefore, he decided, to create his own consulting business, Macroscope consulting, in order to maximally eliminate this imbalance in win-win-win interests of customers and their customers, investors, employees, owners and the community in general.

Macroscope consulting, established in 2014, has offices in Dublin, Zurich and Moscow and works with large and start-up customers, as well as with Private Equity / Venture Capital intermediaries across Europe and the CIS, on issues of targeted appreciation of brands and related businesses. Garrett Johnston has worked in the field of strategic marketing, both online and offline, and has vast international experience in the fields of Telecom, Digital Media, Technology (TMT), Pharmaceutical / Life Sciences and Retail. Garrett was responsible for revenues of over 11 billion dollars.

From 1991 to 2003 Garrett held executive positions in corporate marketing strategies in several major international corporations such as Cap Gemini, Ernst & Young, Cable & Wireless, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Avaya, Alcatel, MCI WorldCom, Telenor, MTS, RosnanoMedInvest, Digicel and X5 Retail Group.

Speaks fluently in 8 languages.

Tickets are available on www.tkt.ge