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Tbilisi City Hall to Rehabilitate Large Parks

New recreational zones will be arranged in Dighomi Chalebi and Temqa Ravine. According to Tbilisi Mayor, field works will be held in 2018 and practical implementation of the project will start in 2019.

Rehabilitation of three big parks will also starting 2018. Besides Tsurtsumia and Godziashvili Parks, a new recreational zone will be arranged in 6th Micro District of Gldani on 3 hectare territory.

“Nobody is content with the existing ecological situation. This is a big problem and it requires complex approach. We have started arranging small and medium squares to improve ecological situation. We have also launched project for removing garages and replacing them with green spaces and playgrounds. However, only these measures are not sufficient. Transport issues should be regulated. We should act as a locomotive in terms of replacement of Yellow Buses. We have to take unpopular steps, but we should do this for common interests”, Kakha Kaladze noted.

In several days Tbilisi City Hall will introduce transport policy action plan with detailed description of projects to be implemented for several years.