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Tbilisi City Hall Issues Tbilisi Gifts Catalogue

On February 25, at 19 o’clock, Tbilisi Council will introduce a gift catalog – Tbilisi Gift. The edition was published by the Tbilisi City Hall center for culture events.

Before this publication, the culture entrepreneurship festival was held as part of Tbilisoba 2015 Fest. The event was held at the Tbilisi history museum of Karvasla and was organized by Tbilisi Council by the initiative of Tbilisi City Hall.

The bilingual catalog describes handicraft works of 32 famous masters inspired by Tbilisi History and its unique views. The works are represented in various materials – potter, enamel, thick felt, wood and so on.

The authors included in the edition will receive catalogues at the presentation. The edition is mainly designed for foreign guests.