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Kakha Kaladze

Tbilisi and Tallinn Sign Memorandum on Understanding

The memorandum was signed by Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze and Tallinn Mayor Taavi Aas.

The memorandum calls for deepening cooperation and sharing experience in such fields as public transport, environment protection, cultural heritage and digital governance.

At the meeting before the signing ceremony, the Mayors discussed tight cooperation perspectives in the mentioned fields. Kakha Kaladze introduced finished and planned projects and expressed willingness to implement joint projects and deepen friendly relations between two cities.

“It is very important that closer relations will be established between our capital cities. Naturally, we had relations, but we have huge potential to deepen cooperation. It is symbolic that both countries signed the memorandum in relation to the 100th anniversary of independence. We want to share their experience in environment protection and public transport arrangement, and for development of electronic services”, Kakha Kaladze said.

The memorandum will enable the cities to exchange the best experience in various fields, Tallinn Mayor noted.

“We know that our countries, Georgia and Estonia have very good relations. Having signed the memorandum we will deepen relations on the level of our capital cities in such fields as culture, digital governance, transport. We have already reached agreement on exchanging delegation in various directions. We believe that this memorandum will bring real results in various directions of urban governance in terms of exchanging best experience”, Taavi Aas.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi Maia Bitadze and Ilia Eloshvili, Estonian Ambassador Kai Kaarelson, Georgian Ambassador in Estonia Tea Akhvlediani, Tallinn City Hall officials and Tbilisi Council members.