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TBC Bank Poster “Hello” to be Among the Best 200 Digital Works

Georgian artist, Abesalom Kavelashvili created a poster “Gamarjoba” for TBC bank and it was included in the list of 200 best digital works in the world and was printed n the prestigious Luerzers Archive publication „ 200 BEST Digital Artists Worldwide 2017/2018″ .

Georgia was included in this publication for the first time. Luerzers Archive is a leading online and printing publishing house, which includes prestigious publications such as: 200 BEST Digital Artists Worldwide, 200 BEST Photographers Worldwide, 200 BEST Illustrators Worldwide. There are three works of Abesalom Kavelashvili included in the collection.


The books are published once in 2 years and they are reported as Special Books. A lot of photographers and artists around the world participate in the competition so that their works will be included in the publication. There are 10 000 applications for the competition annually. The bests are chosen by professional jury.

“It is a great honor for me that I’m the first artist from Georgia, who gained a place in this publication. I want to thank TBC Bank which inspired me to create my work about the topic “Gamarjoba”.  I hope it will be a good motivation for other Georgian artists to participate in international competitions and introduce their works abroad”-declared Kavelashvili.