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Tav Georgia Shares Announcement to Georgian Airways Accusation

Georgian Airways continues to mislead the public and disseminate the wrong information. The last statement released by the airline says that TAV Georgia hinders the Georgian Airways to reduce prices, which does not correspond to the existing reality.

According to the ICAO’s Economic Development Report (2017), only 25% of airport services are applied(security, land service, airfield and flight services) to ticket price(from which most airlines provide services themselves). Mainly 75% are airline’s main expenses.

For example, we can come up some directions that are performed by other foreign airlines along with Georgian Airways from Tbilisi International Airport. The cost of the Georgian Airways ticket to Moscow and Kiev is much higher than Aeroflot, Pobeda and Ukraine International Airways. It should be noted that the listed airlines do not enjoy similar special discounts, unlike Georgian Airways, they have all land services are provided by TAV Georgia.

We would also like to clarify that in case of Georgian Airways, the share of tariffs of bilateral (departure-arrival) ticket costs an average of 33 $.

All of this clearly illustrates that Georgian Airways deliberately attempts to mislead the public and discredit Tav Georgia.

TAV Georgia is the subsidiary of TAV Airports of the World Brand of Aviation. The main shareholder of TAV Airports is the French state company ADP Group. By purchasing 47% of TAV Airports’s equity, it serves more than 245 million passengers in 77 countries in 19 countries worldwide.