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Tetnuldi is the largest ski resort in Svaneti region, the second largest after the most popular ski resort in Georgia - Gudauri.

Svaneti among The Guardian’s holiday offers

One of Britain’s most authoritative publications, The Guardian, is encouraging its readers to explore the country Georgia and discover its unique culture, landscape and food.

Through its service “Guardian Holiday Offers” the newspaper is promoting three types of tours of Georgia to its readers. The tours offer guests the ability to discover the cobbled streets and hidden squares of old Tbilisi, the rock hewn monasteries at Vardzia and the mountains in Svaneti.

“Svaneti, Georgia’s most mysterious mountain region is like a fairy tale come to life,” stated the newspaper.

“The region is renowned for its stone villages, punctuated by the defensive towers, and populated by a fiercely independent race, known as the Svans. Still lying almost entirely off any tourist trail, this is a trip for the travel connoisseur who likes to see things real and wild.”

“And of course, this tour is not only about Svaneti. Georgia in general is one of our favourite countries: its cuisine, wine, mountains, churches, hospitable locals and rich and varied history make it a great adventure travel location. Come and see for yourself,” wrote The Guardian.

The price of a ten-day tour, which includes flights to Tbilisi, visiting several UNESCO World Heritage sites and seeing the Stalin museum in Gori, starts from £1,595 (about 5,000 GEL).

The Guardian calls Georgia a land of myths and mountains. Its second tour, which lasts eight days, allows travellers to explore ancient churches, wander through mountain towns, see the opulence of the Georgian State museum and sip wine in the vineyards of Kakheti. The price for this trip starts from £1,395 (about 4,300 GEL).

There will also be the opportunity for guests to drive a newly repaired route through the Lower Caucasus to Akhalsikhe from Tbilisi and also to visit the remote Davit Gareja desert complex, near the border with Azerbaijan.

The third offer is attractive for people who are interested in the culture and history of the region but also enjoy a good walk and some adventure too.

“We will take a three day trek through the very heart of the Grand Caucasus mountains, camping in the high pastures close to the Russian border, as well as visiting some of Georgia’s most impressive cultural sites,” stated The Guardian.

The trip included visiting the historic old town Tbilisi, the ancient capital of Mtskheta and the surreal Stalin museum in Gori. This eight-day trip will cost £1,495 (about 4,600 GEL).