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Summertime Snapshots From Georgia

Georgia’s stunning beauty has been captured in time by amateur photographers.

International online media outlet gbtimes collated several images of Georgia in the summer and published them under one album, Summertime snapshots from Georgia.

Koruldi lake in the Svaneti region of Georgia (Photo: Joni Kapanadze)
A small island nestled in the midst of Ilia Lake (Photo: Makho Kipshidze)
Alpinists taking a short break and savoring the beauty of their surroundings (Photo: Joni Kapanadze)
Tourists cooling off in the Racha region (Photo: Joni Kapanadze)
A fallen palm tree on the Batumi beach (Photo: Levan Alimbarashvili)
Sunset over Agmashenebeli Avenue in Tbilisi (Photo: Levan Alimbarashvili)
Summer willows in a forest in the Samegrelo region of Georgia (Photo: Joni Kapanadze)
Enjoying the sun poolside (Photo: Giorgi Toronjadze)
Resting outdoors with the family in Tbilisi (Photo: Giorgi Toronjadze)
A young couple enjoying the activities of the Color Festival in Tbilisi (Photo: Giorgi Toronjadze)