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Sukhishvilebi to Hold 70th Anniversary Concerts in USA

Georgia’s internationally acclaimed folk dance company Sukhishvilebi is heading to the United States (US) to thrill American audiences with the beauty of Georgia’s national dance and modern repertoire.

Sukhishvilebi will depart for the US in October and perform several concerts marking the 70th anniversary of the company.

Performances are scheduled for October 3 in Philadelphia, October 4 in New-York, October 5 in Baltimore and October 6 in Washington DC, Sukhishvilebi Facebook page reads.

Posters presenting the New York concert will begin at 5.30pm at the Avery Fisher Hall, at the Lincoln Centre.

In Philadelphia the concert will begin at 8pm at the Lower Moreland Auditorium.

Sukhishvilebi was established in 1945. The official name of the troupe is the Georgian National Ballet but in Georgia everyone called it Sukhishvilebi after its founder Iliko Sukhishvili.