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Starbucks: No Plans to Enter Georgia

Starbucks has refused the recently spread information as if the company had plans to enter Georgian market. The company managers have made this official statement exclusively for Imedi TV company.

The spread information about our plans for opening a coffee plant and a brand store in Georgia is a rumor and speculation, Starbucks representatives said.

Architecture office of Tbilisi City Hall gave additional explanations and noted that in December 2016 the Board for Regulation of Tbilisi Territory Usage and Arrangement Issues permitted LLC Kapsulo on agreeing the regulatory plan for a multifunctional complex arrangement on a land plot along Kakheti highway. This signifies the board has issued only a permit, but detailed description of the project does not exist.

Tbilisi City Hall representatives noted that Starbucks company was not mentioned in either personal conversations or documents. It is only known that the multifunctional complex will include both a trade outlet and a coffee enterprise.