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Souvenirs from Georgia: Presentation of Electronic Catalogue

Electronic Catalogue includes craft samples made by nearly 100 authors from 18 workshops. Together with the exhibition of Georgian unique craft samples audience will have chance to listen to Georgian polyphony, in particular Georgian folk song performed by ensemble “Rustavi”.


The goal of the project is preservation and development of traditional and esthetic values of forgotten art fields and support of the work of traditional artisans.  Electronic format of the catalogue is innovative and such kind of project has not been implemented before.


Through electronic-interactive format it will be possible to view unique technology of craft making and all the details of each item, also the unique samples of different Georgian craft making – Pottery, embroidery, weaving, textile plants, enamel, jewelry and other samples implemented by different technology.


Electronic version of “Souvenirs from Georgia” will be available for large audience on the web page of the Ministry.


In creating of electronic-interactive version of “Souvenirs from Georgia” took part:  State Academic Ensemble of Georgian Folk Song and  Dance “Rustavi”, Ltd “Passport” – Designer Sandro Chkhaidze. Ekaterine Geguchadze ( Author of computer program –Silevster Usinsi)  




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