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Soundwave Presents Live Session of Swede Musician Jay-Jay Johanson

Event Start Date: 31 Jan, 2019 - Event End Date: 31 Jan, 2019

SOUNDWAVE – is a new wave of live music, which is presented by Likani and Velvet Session.

Every month’s last Thursday, SOUNDWAVE will hold unforgettable live sessions, where music lovers and performers will establish magical connections. Live sessions will be unique, characteristic, different from each other and always open to experiments. Swede musician Jay-Jay Johanson is a first guest.

It was 1996 year, when Jay-Jay Johanson appeared on musical stage. His music is a mix of Electro-Pop and Trip-Hop, which is accompanied by his signature performing manner, with humble and melancholic voice. His music is distinctive with sensitive melodies and constant experiments.

Johanson has released 11 studio albums. His debut album “Whiskey” was released in August 1996. His third album “Poison” featured Cocteau Twins guitarist Robin Guthrie, took him into another level. After that he started his journey around the world.

SOUNDWAVE also presents KID Jesus.

KID Jesus was established in 2012 by Levan Shanshiashvili (guitar, vocals), Tsotne Chikobava (bass) and Archil Shioshvili (drum) with the passion to create the best Indie-Jesus-Rock music ever. Musicians gave their first performance on “Aivani“ Season 2. In 2012 KID Jesus won the biggest contest in Georgia – Tbilisi Newcomers. In 2013 KID Jesus performed on Tbilisi Open Air, next to The Subways, Modeselektor, Tricky.

They released their first single “Hikikomori”. After that Levan continued creating music by himself.

In 2017 Recently KID Jesus released first album “White Rat”. Now they’re working on a new album. On the  session he will be performing with String Quartet.

31 January
8:00 PM
Kakhidze Music Center (Small Hall)
Release I – 40 GEL (SOLD OUT)
Release II – 50 GEL (SOLD OUT)