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SOCAR to Restore Historic Building in Tbilisi

SOCAR will restore a historic building located on the territory of the company’s representative office in Tbilisi, SOCAR said.

The historic building was built in 1900-1905 by architect Alexander Shimkevich. First it will be moved to its previous place and then it will be restored.

Dutch Bresser company will be involved in these operations. It moved a historic building in Baku two years ago. From a technical point of view, moving of Tbilisi’s building will be the first unique project in the South Caucasus and neighboring regions.

The building will be moved at 3.4 meters and will be restored after the consolidation of the foundation.

The building will be used as a SOCAR Georgia guest house after the reconstruction.

The project is being implemented with the support of Tbilisi City Hall, the Ministry of Culture of Georgia and the National Agency for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage of Georgia.