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Sinohydro Corporation Limited Releases Statement Regarding Recent Allegations

Sinohydro Corporation Limited has released a statement, regarding recent allegations from Georgian media.

“Recently a few articles and news against our company were coming out on different websites and TVs in Georgia. These unjustified and purposeful accusations are lack of supporting investigation and evidence, which have seriously misled the public and damaged our reputation both in Georgia and worldwide. In view of this matter, we would like to hereby state officially as follows:

  1. We, SINOHYDRO Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as “SINOHYDRO”), as one of the top international contractors, have completed three projects in Georgia with high quality and standard. With the recognition of our clients, we have been awarded three more projects here and currently these projects are under good construction progress, in strict compliance with the laws of Georgia and the project contracts. During the contract implementation period, the project employers, supervision engineers and financial institutions have exerted their professional competence; besides that, the relevant governmental authorities and the neighboring communities have showed their good governance and kind assistance. Only in this amicable environment, were we highly appreciated and recongnised by not only our emloyers, including Roads Department of Georgia and Municipal Development fund of Georgia, but also the local authorities and people.
  2. SINOHYDRO firmly believes in the importance of harmonious development with local communities. We always bear in mind the assistance and support received from local governments, communities and people. As a responsible corporate citizen, we are obliged to dedicatedly fulfill our corporate social responsibilities. In the past few years, we built bridges and roads for the local residents free of charge. When there were natural disasters, such as severe mountain landslide near Rikoti Tunnel in 2011 and major flooding in Tbilisi in 2015, we provided our construction equipment and personnel plus donation for reestablishment at the earliest time. Moreover, during planting season in 2014, together with Akhali Talga Institute students and members from Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure and Kobuleti City Hall, we planted 425 spruce trees to build up the friendship between Georgian and Chinese peoples. From time to time, we also donated to local nursing house, local kindergartens and primary schools. The aforementioned is only a piece of iceberg, and in short, SINOHYDRO would like to take more social responsibilities for Georgia.
  3. SINOHYDRO is NOT black-listed by AfDB, World Bank or other financial institutions. For public information, SINOHYDRO came into a settlement agreement with AfDB in mid 2017, for its misrepresentation in tender for a Road Project in Uganda funded by AfDB, in which SINOHYDRO wrongly input contractual completion date in lieu of actual completion date of a prior project experience in qualification document. As per the settlement, SINOHYDRO was imposed a conditional non-debarment for a period of three years, and an early release is expected by the end of the second year subject to SINOHYDRO’s enhancement of Compliance Program. During the implementation period of the agreement, SINOHYDRO is qualified to bid in AfDB financed projects.

“As a conclusion, we stress that the unverified accusation against our company is unreasonable and unfair. We reserve the right to take legal action against those rumormongers who spread out slander or false information. At the same time, we remain open and sincere to all those who are friendly and caring about our development in Georgia”, company stated.