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Signboards From 19th Century Discovered in New Tiflis

The first stage of New Tiflis has finished, renewed Aghmashenebeli opened two days ago. 47 historical buildings, including 38 monuments of cultural heritage were restored to their original forms.


Roofs of buildings were completely changed and restored, buildings have been structurally fortified, authentic look and the historical ornaments of the facades of the buildings have been restored. Old balconies, doors and gates have been fully restored.


Stained glass windows as well as doors and windows of the buildings have been changed with high-quality materials. Historical entrances were restored and paintings and antique inscriptions discovered in the process of rehabilitation of the entrances and facades were restored, yards were renovated.


Communication system, including gas, water, canalization pipes and internet and weak networks were completely changed. Drainage systems were arranged since their absence threatened to the stability of the buildings.


Specialists have discovered signboards from 19th century, with owner’s initials or commercial brand names. Check out Marketer.ge exclusive pictures.


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