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Anna-Karin Modigh

Satellite Market Grows as SES Reaches 562000 TV Homes in Georgia

SES Summarizes Georgian TV market.

Interview with Anna-Karin Modigh – Vice President, Marketing Communications, Nordic, Baltic and Eastern Europe at SES.

Tell us about market research that you have done recently, what changes did you notice and what negative/positive trends has Georgian TV market shown?

Satellite still has a very strong position and is the leading form. We see that terrestrial reception has come down and IPTV has increased. We are happy that SES increased its total reach in Georgia.

SES satellite reach is experiencing solid growth worldwide, for instance in April, last year SES announced that the company has increased its Satellite reach in Georgia by 21%, what is the figure this year, why is that happening and what has contributed to this growth?

The figure remains flat for SES for DTH reception, but we see an increase on the IPTV side, so all together SES see an increase from last year

SES plays a key role in the Georgian market as it reaches 480 000 TV homes, how did you manage to position yourself on this market, what is your business strategy in developing countries?

We were lucky to find MagtiCom at the right time when they were looking into starting a DTH platform. We had the opportunity to help them with an uplink and satellite capacity, as well as a training programme for the installers. They managed to be the first DTH platform in Georgia and they still are the leading platform

UHD Awareness is raising worldwide and global trend of UHD development is also seen in Georgia, what are your expectations for the development of the video market?

The HD and UHD TV screens in the homes have increased, representing 63% of the TV homes. This is of course driving the development towards better picture quality and more channels will appear, driving the market further.

What are SES’s plans for the coming years in Georgia?

We will continue the development together with MagtiCom and make sure we have a strong presence on the market.

What technology innovation do you think could make the most difference to your business going forward?

Ultra HD and then we will see the introduction of 8k. We also see a big growth on the aeronautical side with inflight wi-fi systems as well as for the shipping industry where we deliver solutions receive and send data as well as internet connections on cruising ships etc.  Also the satellites are getting “smarter” so we will see other services being launched where you will be able to control the satellites even more from the ground.

What impact do you think Artificial Intelligence and other tech innovations can and will have on the satellite industry?

We are convinced that the satellite industry and SES will follow all technical development closely and make sure that new technologies are applicable with the satellites. It is difficult to predict exactly how this will work but since we have technicians following the development around the world closely, satellite will play a main role for many years still.

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