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Rompetrol Georgia Management Congratulates Rio Olympic Games Champions on Victory

Rompetrol Georgia, part of KMG International, sponsor of the Weightlifting Federation has congratulated golden and bronze medal winners at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games on victory. A special press- conference was held at Tbilisi Marriott Hotel at 01:00 pm on August 30.

Olympic wightlifters Lasha Talakhadze and Irakli Turmanidze, Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs, representatives of the Weightlifting Federation and Rompetrol Georgia  general manager have attended the meeting.

For the second year, Rompetrol Georgia has provided sponsorship for the Weightlifting Federation of Georgia and met successful participation of Georgian wighlifters at Rio Olympic Games with special excitement.

“Rompetrol believes in success gained thanks to hard work and it supports the dreams of the ones that want to stand out, as the Georgian champions did. We are proud that the Georgian athlete is the world’s strongest man. This huge success was achieved thanks to enormous efforts and huge job by the Weightlifting Federation. Therefore, we want to express our respect to you. Sports permanently inspires for endless advancements and progress, growth in competitive capacity and achieving success. These characteristics express our values”, Rompetrol Georgia general director Kairat Kabilov said and transmitted Fill&Go fuel deposit cards to the Olympic Game winners.

“We welcome that by Rompetrol’s support huge job has been performed for developing the weightlifting sport in Georgia. We were very proud seeing two Georgian athletes on the Olympic Pedestal. This success was achieved thanks to hardworking and we are happy that your company was also involved in this process. I am happy that private companies have established a good tradition to support various directions of sports. Support by the business sector will bolster further development of sport. When our athletes achieve success, our cooperation becomes more interesting. Support by business companies provide wider opportunities for young men to be a success. I thank all companies and Rompetrol that have engaged in the Georgian sport development”, Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs of Georgia Tariel Khechikashvili said.

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“I would like to express gratitude to the management of Rompetrol and our friends from Kazakhstan. Our cooperation with Rompetrol has laid a foundation of serious development and this process goes on. By support of Rompetrol, we have appointed salaries to young athletes and young trainers, we have managed to send Georgian referees to international tournaments. We have managed to defend our positions at the court. We have reconstructed new halls and revived them. Improved recovery procedures were held for our main combined team. This cooperation has helped at our Federation in improving the management and inviting international experts. We have conducted necessary training workshops. Championships in Georgia were held at the top level. We are looking forward to carrying on  this cooperation and moving to a new phase of friendship with Rompetrol through making new achievements at international arena. I would like to express special gratitude to Mr. Kairat Kabilov, Konstantine Papushoi and Janat Tusupbekov. Thank everybody, who have backed us during this period. We deeply appreciate this”, Kakhi Kakhiashvili, president of the Georgian Weightlifting Federation and Threefold Olympic Champion, noted.

At the 2016 Olympic Games Lasha Talakhadze, 22, won Georgia’s first golden medal and made the world’s Olympic record. He lifted 215 kg Snatch +258 kg Clean and Jerk. On the same day Irakli Turmanidze won the bronze medal.

It should be noted that KMG International supports weightlifting in several countries.

KMG International  supplies top quality products to the Georgian market, through it subsidiary, and in this way ensures top level performance. This year Rompetrol Georgia plans to invest 3 million USD in network development and logistic facilities. The international group supplies European-quality EURO 5 fuel to the Georgian market.

Rompetrol Georgia is part if international re-branding program of retail network, a program that brings a new concept for Georgian customers with a premium design, combining their needs and expectations with the best technical solutions. A result of intense research, the station sets a new quality standard for the Rompetrol network and provides a modern framework for the products.