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Road Estacada Construction Begins at Tsintsadze and Kartozia Streets Crossing

In the Saburtalo district, at the crossing of Tsintsadze-Kartozia streets, Tbilisi City Hall starts construction of new road Estacada. Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze got acquainted with the preparatory works at the spot.

According to the Mayor, in order to decrease the traffic jam in the city, the infrastructural projects like this is an utmost of importance. He also stated that 140 trees will be planted in the framework of the dendrology project.

“The project implementation mentioned above will take about 5 months and 2 700 000 million Gel will be spent. This is going to be two level project and the first part is this Estacada, the second is on Tamarashvili Street. The city has the traffic problems so such infrastructural project is one of the components to fix this problem. Also, within the dendrology project, about 140 trees will be plan ted and the necessary works already is undergoing. We will do our best to replant the existing trees, but those that can’t be replanted, will be cut”, – Kakha Kaladze said.

Within the framework of the project, the two-story Estacada will be arranged, which will provide safe and smooth movement of the means of transport on these streets. As a result of the implementation of the project, traffic jam in the central part of Saburtalo district will be less and traffic movement will be reduced.

The Deputy Mayor Irakli Bendeliani, the governor of the Saburtalo district and the Assembly members attended the preparatory works of the new transportation junction.

“Such large scale works always require to limit the traffic movement somwhow. So, in this case we will have such limitations. We collaborate with the police and hope that we, jointly fix that problem.”, – Irakli Bendeliani said.