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RMG Continues to Support Healthy Lifestyle in Kazreti

 The Deputy Director of RMG visited Kazreti sports teams, which have been financed by the company as part of the social responsibility program for years.

Amiran Kartvelishvili toured the halls and playgrounds where free style wrestlers, arm wrestlers and football players practice daily. According to Kartvelishvili, the popularization and support of a healthy lifestyle in the region remains a priority project for RMG.

RMG has supported and financed sport teams in the regions since 2015. Hundreds of young people living in Kazreti and Dmanisi exercise for free.

”Young people are our priority. RMG has been financing sport teams based in town. Today we took a look at different halls and infrastructure. I’m glad that we see the result. Hundreds of children are involved in various sport activities and live healthy lifestyles,” said Deputy Executive Director Amiran Kartvelishvili.