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Report on Lead Content in Food Products

Momxmarebeli.ge has published a report on lead content in food products.

“Since National Food Agency has not spread valuable report on lead content in condiments and other products, We have requested these indicators from National Food Agency.

We introduce the list of condiments examined on lead content in 2015-2017. These condiments were included in the New York health department warning”, Momxmarebeli.ge noted.

The report reads that in 2017 all four samples polluted by lead were taken in Zugdidi.
According to Momxmarebeli.ge, more patterns of condiments were examined in 2017, compared to previous years, while National Food Agency received a notification from New York Health department about excessive lead content in Georgian condiments in 2015. 

‘Excessive volume of lead was detected predominantly in beef and other food products of domestic origin (including in drinking water). This is the result of environment pollution by lead.

The list indicates that due notifications were sent to Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. According to answers received from the Ministry, the Ministry is carrying out examination of soil and waters in due municipalities, however, pollution reasons are not indicated.

It is necessary to examine all reasons of pollution and due measures should be carried out to protect population from harmful substances.

We have applied to Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labor and Health and National Food Agency for obtaining all reports regarding lead pollution and we will publish all information in the future too”, the Momxmarebeli.ge representatives said.