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Reliable Partner Proved in Time – 10 Years of Success of GLCC Law Company

GLCC law company marks its 10th anniversary of  successful operation on the market. From very inception, the company is oriented on development.

The 10-year success of GLCC company was preconditioned  by joint efforts and contribution of founders, employees, a team of professional lawyers, clients and partner companies. Professionalism and team spirit, honesty in business and devotion to clients – these are key values of the company lawyers.

More than 300 clients with successful legal disputes of more than 20 million USD, legal support for projects of more than 1 billion USD – this is an incomplete list of the company achievements for 10 years.

An important part of trials were shaped as a precedent in the practice of Supreme Court of Georgia, in both directions: contractual and tax disputes.

The list of GLCC clients comprises leading financial institutions, multimillionaire investment funds, major agriculture manufacturers, healthcare organizations, communication companies, development companies, real estate companies, international nongovernmental organizations and physical bodies. It is important that GLCC partners are participating in legislative process  on such topics as insolvency, entrepreneurship, arbitration, licensing and permitting, maritime, election and other key directions.

Today, GLCC law company marks its 10th anniversary and, based on the above-mentioned, we declare: GLCC is a reliable partner proved in time.

Founded in 2007 GLCC law company offers  result-oriented and dynamical legal services for successful business development. GLCC is leader in  development, construction and real estate businesses. During professional practices, the company has provided legal services for more than 35% of real estate and developments business companies in Georgia.

GLCC lawyers participate in negotiations and prepare contracts for such major transactions as 150 million USD investments for building Olympic Village, legal evaluation and sales of Basisbank, one of the major financial institution in Georgia, multi-million USD loan agreements with international financial institutions (OPIC and EBRD), merger in development business, healthcare and tourism businesses,  various licenses in communications sector, permits for natural resources and so on.