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Project Smart Home Wins European Olympiads

Yussuf Nassibov lives in the village of Mughanlo. He goes to Shota Rustaveli school in Rustavi. He had his first contact with invention and science, as well as with Georgian language in this school.

Today Yussup is one of the succeeded and talented pupils in the school and he is author of a number of inventions and interesting projects.

His project Smart House ha recently won one of the international Olympiads.

He created his first scientific project at 9th class and introduced the project to Olympiad for Young Scientists and Inventors. Later, at the school scientific club, Iussup started working on other new projects and developed an innovative project. Smart House is a house management model with adapted voice and hand sensors for persons with disabilities (PWD).

This project helps the blind and persons with other problems to fulfil various functions through an assisting robot. Thanks to its multifunctionality, the project has won a lot of international Olympiads and competitions. In 2017 he won golden medals at several competitions of young scientists.

“I have never thought of working in similar field. I expected routine and boring atmosphere at school, but having seen the first results I decided to reach more and more. And today I assist other pupils too in developing projects. I am happy that I act in this direction and I hope I will have more interesting inventions”, Yussup said.