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Population of Georgia has decreased by 642 000

According to the preliminary data by Geostat, population of Georgia has decreased by 642,000, during the period from 2002  to 2015. If in 2002 population number amounted to 4 371.5. According to preliminary data of January 1st, 2015,  3 729.5  individuals live in Georgia.

The data is based on preliminary results of the 2014 census and the total sum of last 2 months of 2014 (natural increase and migration balance).  57.4 percent of the country’s population (2 140,4 thousand people) – live in urban areas, while 42.6 per cent (1 589,2 thousand people) live in rural areas.

47.7 percent of the population (1 778,5 thousand) are men and 52.3 percent (1 951,0 thousand) – female. During the period between the two censuses  2002 and 2014  the population of Georgia has decreased by 14,75%. This change is reflected in the age structure of the population and the gender. Men accounted for 0.5 percentage points during this period, women’s share is, therefore, decreased.

As for the age structure, the change here is mixed. 0-4 years age group in the population growth is due to a sharp increase in the number of live births in 2009 for both sexes. The largest percentage increase was in the 50-59 age groups in both men and women, while the largest percentage decline in both sexes in the 10-19 age groups.In other age groups there was  a slight increase or decrease.