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Plans of Tbilisi Residents for Summer Holiday – ACT’s Research

43% of Tbilisi residents manage to spend their on different resorts of Georgia every year at least once a year – this is the results of ACT’s research.

According to the survey, quite a large number – 20% can not go on vacation, most of them (46%) are over 65 years old respondents.

According to the ACT, the main reason is money, and respondents say they can’t afford it (63%), while following cause is time (37%) among 35-44 year-old people.

Due to the lacking of time, men are more likely to skip holidays (47%) than women, while money is the bigger issue for women (69%), men (57%).

Most of the respondents who choose are able to take a vacation, prefer to go seaside resorts (55%). Mountain resorts also attract visitors, 44%.

Those who are planning to visit their or friend’s village are among 36%, out of which most of them are older than 65.

They name summer most optimal time for holidays (94%). Gender and age differences were not revealed in this regard.

The number of families who spend an average of between 500 and 1000 GE for holidays, is the highest – 41%.

28% spend less than 500 GEL.

55% save money for the holidays during the year.

25% of respondents don’t need to do special savings for the vacation (33% men, 25% women)

8% needs to take a loan in order to afford vacation.

The ACT conducted a survey in Tbilisi, randomly selected between 400 adult residents in the beginning of 2-3 June. Statistical error of data varies from 3% to 6.5% in average. The method used was face-to-face interview.