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People Will not be Able to Use Private and Common Insurance Simultaneously

535 000 people who have a private insurance use common public insurance , but this won’t happen anymore- declared the head of Health and Social Committee, Akaki Zoidze.  Except this issue, Akaki Zoidze represented changes in legislation package, which claims that social help which has already been granted until 1th of December, 2016 will not be returnable.

Mr. Zoidze, optimization issue of common insurance is very interesting. Is 535 000 final number of people who use a private insurance and won’t benefit from common insurance?

I think the number is higher but the main idea is that people who already have a private insurance should not be allowed to use a common insurance provided by state.

In 2013, they already started to separate the processes and not allowing people to use double insurance. Next year, people who have a common insurance will be strictly separated from the ones who have a private one.

It seems that health financing issues will be defined by the income. How much money will be spared in the program and the budget?

I think that there will be quite a lot of amount of money spared considering what kind of property borders we create. We believe that in 3 or 4 months, we will be able to propose a legislative law about it. 

As we know, the state will fix concrete prices for 300 kind of medicine…

We talk about preferred prices which is very common in many European countries. The reason the prices are not regulated in the US is that medical researchers are very expensive and they are afraid that there won’t be more researches conducted to create a new medicine, because the expenses won’t be considered. I don’t think we will have the same issue. I don’t think our pharmaceutical companies create so many medicines and conduct researches. Moreover, we are talk about just 300 different kind of medicine, not more.