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Painting Cabs White to Start on March 1

The process of painting taxi cabs white will start on March 1,- Tbilisi Vice Mayor Irakli Khmaladze said at the sitting of the municipal government .

Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze said at the meeting that Alma company had won the tender announced by the Tbilisi Transport Company.

“The announced tender is directly linked with the reform related to taxis. As far as you know, we have decided that all taxis in Tbilisi must be white from October, 2019. In order to avoid extra charges of taxi drivers, the winner company will be obliged to paint their vehicles,” said the Mayor of Tbilisi.

The Vice Mayor of Tbilisi explained that the “Alma” company will paint cabs, but taxi drivers will be obliged to place the company’s ads on their cabs for two years.

“The contest ended a week ago. We have a winner company, which will distribute two types of vouchers for licensed taxi drivers : a voucher for painting the taxi cabs white and the second for cleaning the vehicle interior…The company will not request any payment from the taxi drivers for the mentioned service, but will place its ads on their taxi cabs for two years,” Irakli Khmaladze said.