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“Our Painters”- Animations Based on the Paintings by Georgian Artists

“Ours” which is a product by Kampa, appeared on Georgian Market by the end of 2013. Brand production is made of high quality raw materials. Juice which is made by “Ours” is organic, delicious and available.  It does not contain artificial paints, flavours, emulgators,  and is rich with vitamins.

After “Ours” appeared in the social media, the project “Our painters” has been planned. In the frame of the project, the animations based on paintings were altered to GIF format to share on different platforms.

The aim of the project “Our painters” was to show the society new perspective of Georgian Art and promote the popularization of the paintings in the digital area. GIF format helped us to make the figures from the paintings alive and focus on more details.


It goes without saying that GIF presents only one of the few interpretations of the paintings. However, we tried to collect more information about every single paintings and create the animation based on this knowledge.

At this point, we are focusing on the paintings of few famous artists: Niko Firosmani, Petre Otskheli,l Shalva Kikodze, Irakli Gamrekeli, Merab Abramishvili and etc. A new animation will be posted every week on “Ours” page.http://(Facebook.сom/сhveni.official/).