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The number of Tourists in Achara Increased by 11,34%

According to the 8 months statistics in 2016, the number of tourists in Achara rose by 11,34%, which amounted 227,342 tourists in the region.  The statistics are based on the information that has been revealed by Tourism Department in Achara.

The amount of visitors has increased as well. According to border-crossing department statistics, during last 9 months, there were 1 132 250 International guests.  The same trend can be seen in Batumi International Airport.  During 9 months, number of visitors entering Achara by air has increased to 76,55%, which means there were 114 169 visitors.  Unlike last year, the number of visitors from Iran has increased to 30 468 people. It is 7,5 times more than the statistics from last year and most of them crossed the border from Turkey. There are many tourists from Israel as well. Their number has increased by 371%. Most of Jewish tourists entered Achara from Batumi International Airport. The number of tourists from Saudi Arabia has increased by 76% and from United Arab Emirates by 279%.

Until recently, we have been calculating the number of tourists based on information Tourists Department received from different accommodation centers like hotels. However this year, we started to explore the places which are not registered yet and thus, we can find out how many tourists are staying at this kind of places and define how many tourists actually visit Achara during the year.

Except this, Achara Tourism Department is conducting research about national and international tourism and creates the profile of the visitors in Achara. According to these researches, Achara Tourism department has a possibility to plan the peer and marketing events considering the countries tourists come from. Besides, they figure out what kind of problems tourists face in Achara and how can they deal with it.