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Nino Gozalishvili

Nino Gozalishvili: the Ambassador Promoting the EU to Other Young Georgians

Nino Gozalishvili is a Young European Ambassador who aims to share accurate information about the EU and its cooperation with her country with other young Georgians.

“I want to inform people about the vast opportunities present in the EU and let them know that taking advantage of those opportunities is not a distant goal, but one that can be done here and now,” she says.

Since October 2016, Nino has been a member of the ‘Young European Neighbours’ (YEN) network. In May 2017, under the auspices of Tbilisi State University, she implemented the project European Values ​​in the High Mountain Region of Racha. Within the framework of that project, schoolchildren were taught about EU institutions, EU values and Georgia-EU relations during three days in Racha.

“Being part of the Young European Ambassador initiative has made the importance of an open platform for sharing ideas, knowledge and experience even clearer to me,” she shares. “All of this combines to build a common European future.”

At present, Nino is currently pursuing an MA degree in Nationalism Studies at Central European University. Her main subject of research concerns National-Populism in democratic societies. Several months ago, she worked on the issue of the impact of soft power in Georgia. The research made her believe that being provided with incorrect or inaccurate information can cause the public to develop the wrong attitudes towards the EU.

“I think that the foreign policy vector of a country should be based on a well-informed and knowledgeable general public,” she finishes. “This is the idea that I am trying to support through my small contributions.”

Author Gvantsa Nemsadze

This article was produced in the framework of the ‘EU NEIGHBOURS east’ project. The views expressed are solely those of the author of the article.