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Truvox International Visits Clean World Company

Max Chups, Truvox International export manager in Europe, has paid the visit to Clean World company.

He has talked about the principles of applying the most modern equipment for cleanup specialists of Clean World company.

During his visit Max Chips received information about ongoing works at new facilities  and explained with visual assistance how to apply the cutting-edge equipment that Clean World has recently bought to attain higher standards of services for the new facility.

Here we introduce an interview with Max Chups.

  1. What was the purpose of your visit?

Purpose for visitig Clean World was to make a product training for sales people in CleanWorld. Natia Kantaria and Apolon Goletiani had a chance to try new Truvox machines; Orbis 200 scrubber dryer, carpet extractor Hydromist HM10HD and multipurpose scrubber dryer Multiwash 340P.

We discussed further steps in promotion Truvox and Tornado in Georgia. We visited Carrefour shopping mall and answered the questions of how to use Tornado machines which are already in use.

  1. What did you teach to Clean World employees?

The main issue was to give a product training and knowledge of where to use each machines. How to find best solution for any customer and help so satisfy their needs. Many machines do the same job but with different results such as: time, cost, quality, efficiancy.

  1. What is the market in terms of cleaning in Georgia?

Georgian market is new and there is large opportunities for new products and innovations. Many new buildings and facilities require professional maintanance. High skilled professionals like people in CleanWorld can meet and satisfy any demands. Truvox/Tornado machines are high level solutions which are well known in more than 80 countires worldwide. I believe CleanWorld can use their relations, skills and professional machines to satisfy current and new customers in Georgia.

  1. How does local standards match with European standards?

In terms of cleaning European standarts fits easy. This is good as this can help share experience and bring innovations on the market. I do not see any barriers for this