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New Regulations of Excessive Noise Are in Force From Today

The amendments to the Code of Administrative Violation of Georgia, which will  fine  physical and juridical persons for excessive noise, are in force.

The new regulation, which was confirmed by the Parliament in June, has been launched.

According to the law, administrative responsibility for exceeding the norms of acoustic noise in the building of dwellings and public institutions in the day and night is prescribed.

Physical/legal person will be warned when it’s the first case.

Recurrence of the offense within one year shall be subject to a fine of  150 GEL for physical persons and 500 GEL for legal entities.

For the third and subsequent offense by a physical / legal person during one year, fine is imposed – 300 GEL for physical person and 1000 GEL for a legal entity.

As for the noise level, the noise levels in residential houses should not exceed 35 dBs and 30 Dbs during night hours.

For café-bars, which are located near residential houses, the allowable noise limit is 55, and 45 dbs per night. The permissible norm in the trading establishments is 55 dB.

All fireworks are prohibited during the night hours and appropriate sanctions will be imposed.

Day time is up to 07.00 am – 23.00 hours, night time – from 23.00 to 07.00.

The executive of the law is the Ministry of Internal Affairs. From April 1, 2018, the appropriate equipment will be transferred to the local authorities and they are considered monitors.