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New programs to be Introduced in Vocational Education

The Technical Training Center established on the base of the Georgian Technical University will receive 100% funded new students enrolling in new professional programs, Ministry of Education disseminates information.

Students will master the relevant labor requirements of the modern, labor market in the direction of mechanical engineer technician, high voltage electrician, mechanic technician and industrial automation technician. All programs are compatible with European standards and successful graduates, along with the diploma of vocational education. Students will receive German certificates recognized internationally, issued by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“Along with the theoretical course, students will learn practical skills labs equipped with advanced techniques and training practices of leading companies operating in the market will be. The learning process will be tailored to the special needs of persons with the demands. Technical Training Center graduates successfully dasakmdebia Energy and communication field, the mechanical engineering sector, light, food and other industries.

The reconstruction of the Technical Training Center was financed from the state budget and equipped with modern German laboratories. The improvement of teachers’ qualifications was financed by BP Georgia in financing the Millennium Challenge Fund.