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New Digital Museum to Open in Tbilisi

Georgian National Library to think up and develop a “digital museum” where public and private works of art will be stored digitally.

The idea is authored and hatched by the Georgian National Library. The project creators are collecting works of art by Georgian classic artists, as well as contemporary ones both known and less famous. National Library staff are personally visiting private collectors or artists themselves in order to finally document and store the artworks in an online shared space, an internet gallery.

The artworks are first being photographed, and subsequently scanned. After further tweaking and finalizing, the pieces will be collected on the National Library’s website.

“A giant virtual space will be created on the Project “Iverieli” website for the sole purpose of storing works of art done by classicists and modern artists. Authors who don’t yet wish to display their pieces publicly are being offered storage of the art’s digital versions,” – stated the director of The National Library of the Georgian Parliament, Giorgi Kekelidze.

The facilitation of the digital museum has already begun, although project dates are currently unspecified. It is implied that the public portion of the digital museum will be open for application from all emerging artists.