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National Wine Agency of Georgia To Create Special Marketing Group

The marketing agency will be created on basis of the national wine agency, the Agriculture Ministry press release reads that covers the programs implemented in 2015 and future plans. Agriculture Minister Otar Danelia overviewed the plans at the parliament’s agrarian committee.

The Minister has not specified whether the new agency will embrace the existing personnel or new employees will be hired. The agency budget has not been specified either.

“In 2015 the Agriculture Ministry started and continues implementing sectoral programs, including tea manufacturing, cattle-breeding, filbert production, beekeeping and aquaculture programs. The national marketing agency will be developed on basis of the national wine agency in terms of institutional development”, the press release reports.

The Agriculture Ministry activities coincide with the Agriculture Ministry development strategy for 2015-2020.

The agriculture sector is expected to make much contribution to the state economy development. Georgia should become agro products exporter country and we genuinely have this potential.

“Moreover, the important geographical location is also our advantage, as well as the EU association agreement,  the deep and comprehensive free trade agreement (DCFTA) and the agreement with the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). All these factors enable Georgia to keep free trade relations with almost entire Europe”, Otar Danelia noted.

When introducing the report, the Agriculture Minister also overviewed the rural sector development program and the mountain law.

“Our objective is to develop the rural infrastructure, create additional value and increase public revenues. The mountain law will be one of the motivation factors and improve the living conditions of local residents. A stronger village and higher revenues stimulate the local residents. This initiative is approved by the EU too”, the Minister said.

The parliament’s majority faction members approved the Agriculture Ministry’s performance, while opposition members appraised the Ministry programs as unprofitable.