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Natia Sirabidze Appointed as Executive Director for Mardi Holding

Natia Sirabidze, the former Minister of Education of Ajara Autonomous Republic, has been appointed as an executive director of Mardi Holding.

“Dear Friends! Good news for you! I have decided to apply my knowledge and skills in the private sector. Mardi Holding is the first development company that started greening facades of buildings in Batumi and it is the first company that offers energy-efficient apartments with innovative technologies and implements many interesting projects.

I am grateful to the holding founder for such trust. His innovative and creative approaches have persuaded me to start working here. I will do my best to enhance the company under my management and achieve more success so as the region receive more investments, more new job places and more benefits.

Mardi Holding launched business operation in 1992 and currently, it unites development, designing, construction and real estate companies, winemaking and woodworking plants. This is the first company that launched production of Georgian cigar. Moreover in 2017 the company will start constructing a hydro power plant.

To put simply, I plan to explore all these directions thoroughly and manage it so as to perform as   “an expert” at programs. I have big ambitions genuinely”, Mardi Holding executive director Natia Sirabidze said.