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Mtatsminda- the Most Densely Populated District in Tbilisi

KPMG published “Crane Index”which analyzes constructions in the first part of 2017. Last year, 41% of all constructions were multifunctional residentials, 33% -accommodations, 15%- delayed or completed constructions.

Most of constructions are located in Saburtalo, Vake and Didube-Chugureti.

As for the population density, it has been noted that the highest numbers of people live in Mtatsminda district( 6,517 people per 1 km2 ).

Didube-Chughureti occupies the second place, with 5,037 people per 1 km2 .

4,581 people are populated per 1 km2  in Gldani which means there are 155, 319 people located per 34 km2 .

4,564 people live in 1 km2 Nadzaladevi  and there are 4, 103 people per 1 km2  in Vake.

The statistics about Isani-Samgori shows that 3400 people live in the district per 1 km2 , whereas in Saburtalo district, there are 2857 people populated per 1 km2.

The largest population which amounts to 271,980 people are located in Isani-Samgori district, followed by Gldani (155,319) and Nadzaladevi district (140,429).