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Ministry of Environment and Agriculture Spends 1.3 million GEL on Official Trips for 5 Months

From January 1, 2018 to May 31 Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture has spent more than 1.3 million GEL on official missions. Besides budget funds, official trips are also financed through grants.

Moreover, in the period of fighting against Asian marmorated stink bug, the Ministry representatives have to live in western Georgia for months. Specially for this project, Government has allocated 50 million GEL. Among legal entities of public law (LEPL) of Ministry of Environment, National Food Agency has take the highest expenditures. According to official indicators, expenses on official assignments in January-May 2018 made up 422 947 GEL, of which 112 501 GEL was spent on foreign official trips.

The Center Office of Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture ranks second. According to official indicators, total expenditures taken by the staff as part of official and working trips made up 241 294 GEL (including 208 995 GEL abroad).

Expenditures for official assignments of LEPL National Wine Agency made up 221 929 GEL in January-May, including 218 019 GEL in foreign trips.

In the reporting period LEPL National Environment Agency spent 191 737 GEL, including 10 538 GEL on foreign assignments.

Expenditures of other LEPL are as follows:
LEPL Agriculture Research Center:
In Georgia – 23 175 GEL
Foreign assignments – 6 211 GEL

LEPL Nuclear and radiation Safety Agency:
In Georgia – 1 910 GEL
Foreign Assignments – 6 929 GEL

LEPL Georgian Agriculture Ministry Laboratory:
In Georgia – 13 055 GEL (partly grants)
Abroad – 38 627 GEL

LEPL National Breeding Farm
In Georgia – 975 GEL
No foreign assignments

LEPL National Forest Agency
In Georgia – 54 785 GEL
Abroad – 226 GEL

LEPL Agriculture Projects Management Agency
In Georgia – 35 310 GEL
Abroad – 9 938 GEL

Environment Supervisory Department:
In Georgia – 1 005 GEL
Abroad – 44 205 GEL

LEPL Agency of Preserved Areas
In Georgia – 13 182 GEL
No Foreign Assignments

Agriculture Cooperatives Development Agency – 11 093 GEL

LEPL Environmental Information and Education Center
Foreign assignments – 210 GEL