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Millions of Dutch Tourists are Expected due to the Reality Show

One of the top rated television channel Avrotros aired 18th season of the reality show ”Wie is Demol”, which has millions of viewers and 10 episodes of which were filmed in Georgia.

According to Georgian producer of Dutch crew Nino Agladze, during 18 years all season of reality show is taken in different countries and showed almost unchanged statistics: 50 percent of the show viewers will definitely visit the country in which episodes of adventure show are taken.

“A year ago, the producer of the show contacted me and hired me to be a producer for filming in Georgia. Filming started in May. They visited Georgia in January to check locations, that made them so excited, they decided to film all ten episodes here, even though they had planned to shoot five of them in Khorvatia. The crew noted the diversity offered by such a small site,”-said Nino Agladze.

According to her, the reality show is an international project and was first taken in Belgium, after that several countries purchased it, including USA. In the Netherlands it has been aired 18 years now and its rating increases annually.

”On January 6th night, when the first episode of wie is demol is aired, reservations to travel in Georgia will begin from the Netherlands. The show represents Georgian tourism potential, culture, architecture, polyphony and many other aspects. Fortunately, the director was open for new ideas and my offer was to see the Georgian polyphony in the show, gladly received, and also consider other proposals, “said the producer.