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Michel Sogny to Give Masterclass within Batumi MusicFest

Event Start Date: 06 Sep, 2018 - Event End Date: 12 Sep, 2018

One of the Batumi MusicFest exclusivity is the master classes with a French professor and an author of a revolutionary Piano Method – Michel Sogny.

Masterclasses will be held from 6th to 12th of September 2018 at Batumi Music School (D. Tavdadebuli Str. N5).

Michel Sogny’s Piano Method is based on two main directions of development. First part of his didactic work consists of – Prolegomenes, which are short exercises that help to effectively develop perception of sound. Prolegomenes facilitate understanding and realization of sound on the instrument. The cycle of Prolegomenes consists of approximately 600 musical exercises.

The second direction of the method is – Etudes, which is dedicated for developing piano techniques. Each barrier in Etudes is calculated and oriented on fast development of finger and hand speed and agility.

Michel Sogny’s Piano Method gives the opportunity to pianists to overcome at a very young age even the most difficult musical pieces, which are generally unattainable at that age.

Master classes are open to everyone. For participation, please send your latest video-recording to the following address: [email protected]