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Merab Ninidze Starring in New BBC TV Series

Georgian actor Merab Ninidze will play the main character in the new BBC TV series McMafia, which will appear on the screen at the end of 2017.

The story of the TV series is about the global mafia. Russian family mafia member, who was raised in England, is trying to start his own business and escape from his past. However, the tragic accident doesn’t allow him to forget the past and he is forced to go back to criminal world and protect his loved ones. 

There are four main characters in the movies and Ninidze is one of them.

“Shootings have been done for 7 months now. We completed scenes in London and Katar and we are going to continue in Croatia. I don’t have a right to reveal other details, however, I can say that it is really interesting to work with this kind of team”- declared Merab Ninidze to On.ge

The TV series are shot by BBC, AMC and Cuba Pictures.