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Memorandum of Cooperation Signed between Social Service Agency and Liberty Bank

Tamaz Modebadze, director of the Social Service Agency and Levan Tkhelidzeidze, deputy director general of Liberty signed a memorandum on cooperation.

Liberty continues to cooperate with Social Service Agency within the framework of Social Responsibility Program in 2019. According to the Memorandum, the Bank will fully pay the cost of electricity and natural gas consumed by the 2 small family type houses located on the territory of Georgia, 6 shelter for homeless children and 6 specially equipped family type house of children with deep disabilities.

This memorandum represents the best example of cooperation between the private sector and the state agency. Liberty Social Service Agency is a distinguished partner and has been paying for the utility expenses of small households and homeless children in the country for the fourth year already.

“Partnership cooperation and social responsibility for the private sector and state agencies are vitally important for children in state care, especially when the initiative comes from the private sector and continuesly supports  over the years. We would like to thank Liberty for their support, and cooperating successfully with us,”says Tamaz Modebadze, Director of Social Service Agency.

As of February 2019, there are 325 children living in small family-type homes, among them 44 are people with disabilities. 186 children living and working in the street daily receive shelter in homeless children shelter and day care centers. Apart from satisfying basic needs, they also receive services such as psychological assistance, facilitating formal education, involvement in cultural and sports-recreational activities, development of professional and vocational skills.

“We are we have the opportunity to take care of those who need the most. Our support is not limited to the benefit of small family homes and homeless children shelter only by utility costs and the priority is to maintain permanent care for the inhabitants of these houses and integrate them into society.

In the future, a number of projects are planned in this direction, which successful implementation will be an example of homeless people. We are constantly trying to be where we are needed the most, “said Levan Tkhelidze, deputy director general of Liberty.