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Matasi Sulakauri Becomes Leo Burnett Moscow Senior Art Director

Global advertising network – Leo Burnett Worldwide has branch offices in 84 countries. It launched in Moscow, in 1995 and has been named as a most effective and stable creative agency for several times.

It has plenty international awards and customers like: McDonald’s, Leroy Merlin, P&G, S7 Airlines, UBER, Samsung,etc. Matasi Sulakauri took a position of Art Director of the agency, in August. marketer had an interview with Matasi:


Tell us about your important experience in advertising field..

I stepped in this field around 4 years ago, very spontaneously, and have never left so far. The first important change was working for Windfor’s. I couldn’t imagine I would happen to do internship in London, at McCann London. It was the most interesting experience.

How have you been offered to become Senior Art Director of Leo Burnett Moscow? 

Agency reached me out while I was in London. It has been a long and hard process to make a decision. Russia is an enemy and occupant form in terms of politics. but it doesn’t mean that I could refuse such an opportunity of development. Also, maybe it’s better to have your enemy closer.

What are your expectations? 

It’s hard to predict anything specific, it’s even boring. Advertising is a creative field and according to my observation, it develops spontaneously.  That’s how I see, a whole new universe of new explorations and opportunities is opening up.

Does it mean that you won’t be involved in Georgian Advertising industry anymore? 

I don’t think so, but you never know.